Reducing creams homemade recipes

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The overweight and obesity are classified by WHO as public health problems and it is not surprising, since more and more, millions of people worldwide have the disease regardless of race, age or social status. There are different ways to lose weight, diet, exercise, supplements, teas, and creams, so today we will give you some homemade recipes reducing creams.

Body slender, happy life

Most people tend to think that their problems will only affect the scale of an aesthetic mode, but the true reality is very different. Having an appropriate weight can lead to diseases of various kinds and severity, such as those related to cardiac and respiratory systems, bone problems, sleep difficulties, etc.

Think that if you want to lead a healthy life and away from diseases, the first thing you have to look is inside your body through proper nutrition and regular physical exercise and, over time, lead to the fact that healthy living is also reflected on the outside of your body.

Now, on the basis that the main steps to follow to have a healthy weight are in the food and physical activity, there are some products that, by their nature, that can help you burn extra fat thus losing your spare kilos in a more rapid and effective.

It is the case of reducing creams and so today we tell you how to prepare two homemade reducing creams with 100% natural and without spending lots of money. Let’s see them.

Reducing creams homemade

For the first cream use the reducing properties of heat and cold. Let the ingredients:



Olive oil

A lemon

First seeks a bowl and pour half a glass inside of eucalyptus, sage other medium, 300 ml. olive oil and the juice of half a lemon. Once everything in the container catches the electric mixer and beat until it forms a smooth paste. After this paste stored in a closed pot and let stand for 15 days.

To use this cream it is important that you take a bath or shower in hot water before very application.

The following cream, besides being reductive helps treat cellulite naturally. You will need:




Green tea

Prepare half a cup of coffee and half a green tea (both well laden), then mix them up and put them in a saucepan to heat when the mixture is coming to a boil, add 4 tablespoons fucus extract powder and 200 ml. Honey, let return to a boil, stirring occasionally, and remove from the heat and will list your home reducing cream.

Now that you have in your hands these simple recipes reducing creams, you will be much easier to lose those extra kilos that you can spare, but remember that while it is helpful, nothing is miraculous, only with a proper diet and a sedentary life away from get your goal.

What did you think of these natural reducing creams? Do you know any other?