How to keep my lips hydrated and sensual

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For many technical reasons and makeup you use, your lips will not look sexy or flashy if you do not keep some basic care with them. The lips define important features of beauty and even personality. They are your undisputed allies for social and effective relationships. So you have to learn to care for them.

Tip: You may find out more about skin care basics: contact nearest beauticians and skin specialists avaliable in your city online.

Attitudes as subtle as a gesture, a smile or a kiss make one of the most important elements of your sexy lips. So why not give you seductive with full attention and care?

Beware of the sun

As lips do not have hydrolipo layer (formed by water and fat) that covers the rest of the skin, its tolerance to wind and cold is very scarce. With something like the sun occurs because as the lips have no melanin, so are defenseless against UBA and UVB rays and burn more easily than the skin.

As the structure is sensitive and delicate, the lips become dry, crack and hurt very easily, thus they require special care. Make time for your beauty routine to this fragile area. You will gain in beauty, aesthetics and, why not in sensuality? Healthy lips… invite kissing!

Protect them

And every day to maintain healthy and radiant skin, apply sunscreen, you should look for a lip protector. In chain stores, there are available special products to protect them from the cold, wind and sun. Usually come up with sticks and flavors.

If you like makeup, lipstick, new technology has among its components sunscreens, which will help you protect your mouth from harmful ultraviolet rays and keep your lips sensual.

Moisturize them

In your beauty routine apply some eye moisturizer on the lips, or if you prefer, you can use a special moisturizing lip. The idea is to keep lips well hydrated mucosa to prevent cracking and drying.

Avoid drinking too cold, and contact with the ice, because it cracks the lips.


Against deterioration or aging of the lips and contour there are some surgical treatments and dermocosmetic as:

Collagen injections and fat, which are used to fill the lips and remove rows that occur on them, especially in smokers. This treatment should be performed by a doctor.

The peeling that using an abrasive process eliminates dead cells and make disappear the dryness, allowing new cells arise. This procedure can be done a beautician or a qualified physician.

Mini-facelift is a surgical operation that should be practiced by a plastic surgeon and lifting and stretching the skin, wiping out the grooves surrounding the mouth.