Effects of Smoking on Women Lifestyle

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Many years ago, smoking was something only did the men. Over time, more women acquired the habit, and today women who smoke are more and more. Is it really harmless the women smoking? Of course, both men and women suffer the ill effects of snuff, but in women the risk is higher because it is responsible for nursing and feeding your baby, both within and outside the uterus.

Women suffer the same consequences as men when it has to do with cancer, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disorders, but as mentioned earlier some women it affects the bones and reproductive powers. For example, according to recent research, nicotine has a seriously harmful effect the amount of estrogen produced by the body. With less estrogen, it can be altered in the period: frequency, duration, etc. Problems with fertility as women who smoke are less fertile than nonsmokers. They can be altered in pregnancy; women smokers are more susceptible to spontaneous abortions, premature babies, among others. To add to the list, menopause often comes three or four years earlier than in the case of women who do not smoke.

On the other hand, breastfeeding is affected because nicotine is present in breast milk and therefore the baby will be absorbing this component.

Another effect is the softening of the bones. Estrogens are major producers of calcium and having less estrogen will thus result in less calcium and the chances of getting osteoporosis are soaring.

It is evident that smoking affects both men and women, however, the consequences are worse for women not only because it affects your skeletal system, but the woman is responsible for the life she carries within her. Yet they do not smoke but live with a smoker is bad for the baby inside her womb. It is for this reason it is essential to leave this habit as soon as possible and if we are young (the age at which young people begin smoking as recent research) is vital not to take up this habit.

Raising awareness about the risks and harm of smoking is essential to understand why you should not smoke. Begin to learn about and give up this habit.