Discover How To Prevent Dental Problems And Tooth Decay

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Poor eating habits are the major causes of dental problems like tooth decay, a perennial problem that over time can become permanent.

Tooth decay is one of the most common oral diseases in the world and often obtains for individuals who suffer damage that persist almost always tend to get worse.

A proper oral prophylaxis with prevention of dental caries is the best choice make to avoid dental complications. Often people who have healthy teeth and do not experience any problems or pain take very lightly the problem of decay and perform sporadically follow-up visits in specialized centers.

What can you do to get an accurate diagnosis to avoid most painful consequences in your teeth? The dental radiography is one of the possible solutions to diagnose in the shortest possible latent caries, but you must also highlight a critical aspect of this examination, radiography by its very nature tends to be a very invasive examination.

This type of examination places the patient in order to receive a certain number of radiation and is not in all cases the best solution for an early detection of caries in so that it can fight in the correct times. The technique of fluorescence induced by laser allows an early diagnosis of caries, not exposing the patient to radiation and without damaging the tooth substance.

What are the causes of tooth decay?

Let us now try to understand the causes that tend to turn a healthy tooth in a diseased tooth, causing damage in many cases so profound that it is difficult to intervene.

In the mouth of each person there are of microorganisms which, by their very nature, if not treated properly, causing a progressive weakening of the enamel over time causing the creation of cavities in the teeth so deep as to destroy the tooth.

A high amount of these microorganisms is the main cause of tooth, vice versa a lower amount of bacteria helps to preserve the health of their teeth, in addition to bacterial plaque present in the mouth, there are external factors that you can identify that cause cavities.

A bad lifestyle and improper diet is based on foods high in fat, it absolutely helps to prevent the formation, the diagnosis of caries must be punctual and timely to ensure that it is effective.

There are also some natural remedies to prevent tooth decay and whiten teeth such as eating strawberries often because this fruit contains malic acid content, a component that removes stains naturally present on the surface of the teeth.

Additionally, the consistency of this fruit helps to polish the tooth enamel, giving brightness and a more smooth and clean. Care for their teeth means to preserve them in time and be able to have even in old age a proper chewing, the use of an analytical tool developed avoids future costs much higher.

Caring your teeth is a priority of all, it should never be underestimated.