Cosmetic treatments to improve and rejuvenate the skin

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With the help of advances in development of chemicals and technology, cosmetology specialists now offer all kinds of treatments to improve the appearance of the skin, prevent the appearance of signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

The most common cosmetic treatments are:

The facial: is the first basic step in facial care. In the skin there are a number of substances, known as acid mantle, which facilitate the dirt and pollutants. This causes a loss of brightness and stimulates the generation of black spots and acne. The facials get rid of impurities and dead cells. Thus, the skin becomes brighter and smoother appearance.

The microdermabrasion: it is the option of non-chemical peeling. Painlessly sterilized diamond tips (micro crystals) abrade the skin surface, while sucking the waste produced. This method effects more accurately than treatments with acids and chemicals.

The chemical peel: in case of skin damaged by the sun or light stains, or if you want to reduce wrinkles or scars (acne, for example, or varicella); this treatment is to remove the upper layers of the skin with the help of the application of certain chemicals. Thus stimulating cell regeneration and production of collagen and elastin.

The mesotherapy: used to treat cellulite, circulatory disorders and skin conditions, among others. By localized, apply medication (dependent of the problem in question) with microinjections. It is administered once or twice a week.

The mesotherapy without needles or Dermoporation: is based on the application of mild electrical impulses on tissues. These pulses cause micropores generate molecular changes that increase skin permeability and thus, stimulate the disappearance of adiposity, stretch marks and wrinkles, improving the tonicity.

The manual lymphatic drainage: technique is very gentle hand movements that aim to help drain the lymphatic system, which is a problem not just its natural functioning-for example, in case of cellulitis, edema or varicose veins. In the face, helps cure acne, rosacea soften, and as fabric cleaning.

As always, before taking any of these treatments, make sure you stay in the hands of experienced specialists and then get ready to enjoy the results.